In collaboration with Meridian Institute, North American Association of Environmental Educators (NAAEE)Children & Nature Network (C&NN) and the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators (NCEL), OAK helped to create a new policy tool. The Youth Outdoors Policy Playbook is a tool to help legislators and community leaders advance state policies that support getting kids outdoors. Check out the playbook here.

The Youth Outdoor Policy Playbook highlights successful bipartisan policy initiatives and provides resources to support new statewide efforts to build healthy communities by increasing kids’ regular, positive experiences outside through environmental education and youth engagement in the outdoors.

Demonstrates what’s working and what’s possible by highlighting existing and promising policy solutions for increasing youth engagement in the outdoors.

Shares the knowledge and experience of environmental education and outdoor engagement champions to inspire new, innovative ideas.

Connects cross-sector leaders working on statewide policy initiatives.