guest post by Mark Naida – originally appeared in The Detroit News. This story features Detroit Outdoors, a collaborative effort supported by Detroit Parks and Rec, The Kresge Foundation, and OAK members Sierra Club, YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, and REI. Living in an urban environment, Detroiters often don’t get the same opportunities to enjoy the outdoorsContinue reading “DETROIT KIDS NEED THE OUTDOORS”

President Obama to Get Every Kid in a Park

guest blog by Sierra Club Nearby Nature Director and OAK Chair, Jackie Ostfeld; originally featured in the Huffington Post A walk in the woods will change a child’s life. That is, if she ever makes it to the trailhead. This week, President Obama unveiled the “Every Kid in a Park” initiative to connect children and theirContinue reading “President Obama to Get Every Kid in a Park”

Kick Nature-Deficit Disorder to the Curb: Celebrating Great Outdoors Month

OAK member guest blog by Jackie Ostfeld, Nearby Nature Director, Our Wild America Campaign, Sierra Club Originally published in Sierra Club’s “Lay of the Land“               Just for kicks, I googled fear of outside this morning. My search turned up 187 million results. For comparison’s sake, I then googled fear of death and fear ofContinue reading “Kick Nature-Deficit Disorder to the Curb: Celebrating Great Outdoors Month”