Advocacy Pillars

OAK’s advocacy framework rests on three pillars: Education, Community Health and Wellness, and Environmental Stewardship.

Education (E): OAK supports initiatives that provide children and youth with opportunities to learn about — and in — the great outdoors. These initiatives provide experiences that are both in-school and out-of school experiential learning, are hands-on, and ultimately improve both academic skills and the practical skills, and create a well-rounded education that all kids need to thrive. Read more.

Community Health and Wellness (H): OAK supports initiatives and infrastructure that increase access and opportunity to engage in healthy, safe, and affordable outdoor places, networks and programs. By helping children and their families play and learn through outdoor recreation, we can ultimately improve the health of individuals and the broader community. Read more.

Environmental Stewardship (S): OAK supports initiatives and funding that provide young people with jobs, training, service, and volunteer opportunities that connect them to the outdoors and recreational opportunities. These initiatives will help youth assume responsibility for the stewardship and preservation of America’s great outdoors and the healthy development of the next generation. Read more.


E – Education
H – Community Health and Wellness
S – Environmental Stewardship

connecting children, youth and families with the outdoors