Protocol for Taking Positions on and Lending OAK’s name to Legislation and Initiatives

An OAK position to support legislation or an initiative REQUIRES the consensus of OAK’s Steering Committee. A proposal for OAK to take a position on legislation or an initiative should be brought to the appropriate Action Team for consideration. Should the Action Team agree that the legislation or initiative should be supported by OAK, a request shall be brought to the Steering Committee for approval.

FOLLOWING a Steering Committee decision to support an initiative or piece of legislation, the following protocols should be followed:

For lending OAK’s name to letters, materials and/or initiatives (non-policy positions):

  • OAK may share the OAK logo and/or permit the use of the phrase “OAK: Outdoors Alliance for Kids” to be added to said initiative’s public materials (i.e. website, sign on letter, flyers, educational materials, etc.
  • OAK may share the opportunity (if appropriate) to sign onto the letter or initiative to OAK’s general membership


  • Action Team has an issue form that OAK members can fill out to request that OAK take a position on legislation
  • Action Team makes a recommendation to Steering Committee
  • Steering Committee agrees through consensus that OAK should act and makes recommendations for revisions to Action Team if necessary
  • Steering Committee needs to approve the final draft by consensus within a reasonable time frame
  • Then, and only, then, will we put OAK’s letter head on the letter and call for individual group sign-ons. Members still need to opt-in to be added to the letter
  • Steering Committee advises against OAK signing other organizational sign on letters. All OAK letters need to originate from OAK.

NOTE: This protocol may be reconsidered at the request of a Steering Committee member organization.


Guidelines for use of OAK logo

  • Use of the OAK logo is restricted to members of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids. An exception may be made in a case where OAK is partnering with an outside entity on an event, project, etc. Any non-OAK member entities wishing to use the OAK logo must receive written consent from a member of OAK’s Steering Committee.
  • The OAK logo may be used to demonstrate an OAK Member organization’s official membership and support for OAK and OAK’s official agenda (see website).
  • The OAK logo may NOT be used in any way that implies OAK’s endorsement of, or comment on, another individual’s or organization’s opinions, activities, products or services.
  • In web-based applications, the OAK logo shall be hyperlinked to OAK’s website:
  • To use the OAK logo on printed materials, you must first receive written approval from a member of the Steering Committee.
  • The OAK logo may not be modified in any way (no borders, no color changes, no text changes, etc.).
  • Inappropriate use of the OAK logo is grounds for revocation of membership in OAK.


Download the logo by clicking on the image below and saving to your computer.

Outdoor Alliance for Kids