Action Teams

National Policy Action Team

Team Leaders and Contact Information:

  • Kristy Anderson | American Heart Association | |202-785-7927
  • Dave Tyahla | National Recreation and Park Association | |202-460-0880
  • Tyler Wilson | The Corps Network | | 202-737-6272

The National Policy Action Team works to advance OAK’s federal policy goals:

  • Develops and implements action plans to achieve OAK’s national policy goals
  • Presents to the Steering Committee recommendations for OAK to engage on federal policies and initiatives, including legislation, and thus helps to shape OAK’s federal policy platform
  • Deepens partnership efforts with the Federal Agencies and Administration efforts (like America’s Great Outdoors and Let’s Move) and the Congressional Caucuses related to kids and nature
  • Organizes meetings on Capitol Hill and with the Administration to advance OAK’s priorities
  • Organizes Congressional Briefings to advance OAK’s federal priorities
  • Engages full membership where appropriate

NOTE: The National Policy Action Team accepts policy and strategy recommendations from OAK members on OAK’s national policy positions. If you would like OAK to consider taking a position on a specific policy matter, please use this form to issue a request.

The National Policy Action Team meets monthly. Calls are typically scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00PM ET.