North Face Global Athletes and Partners Connect Kids with the Outdoors in “Every Kid in a Park” Event

guest blog by Annie Yearout, Author of - originally appeared on   Celebrating "Every Kid in a Park" granting free National Park Passes to all 4th graders nationwide! San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Photo: National Park Trust The super-tall, super-lean, super-endurance runner Dylan Bowman is bent over a bunch of outdoor gear [...]

Fourth Graders Get on the River in Anacostia Park

Guest Blog by Brenna Muller, OAK Program Manager November 22, 2016 Last week, members of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids (OAK) came together for our annual gathering in Washington, D.C. to ensure kids across America can experience our national parks and public lands. As part of the week’s events, members of OAK joined the National [...]

The 21st Century Conservation Service Corps: The Future for Public Lands

guest blog by Brandon Nguyen, Sierra Club intern, Summer 2016 Earlier this summer, the First Family visited Yosemite National Park to celebrate Father’s Day and the 100th anniversary of the National Park System in the great outdoors. Standing in a picturesque scene, with the natural legacy of Half-Dome towering several thousand feet overhead, President Obama [...]

A Heavy Heart in the Grand Canyon

guest post by Jackie Ostfeld, Sierra Club's Nearby Nature Director and Co-Founding Chair of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids - originally appeared in Huffington Post Carrying an extra twenty-one pounds of baby on your back as you climb out of the Grand Canyon during a hot day in July isn’t easy. At least, so I’ve heard. [...]

Presenting the OAK Tree Award to Senator Patty Murray

guest blog by Martin LeBlanc, Senior Vice President, External Affairs - Islandwood One of the things I appreciate most about the children and nature movement is the broad-based, grassroots coalition of organizations that work together every day to provide children with opportunities to learn, play, and explore in the outdoors. Whether the scope is coast-to-coast [...]

Earth Day Pledge to Get Every Kid in a Park

guest blog by Jackie Ostfeld, Sierra Club Nearby Nature Director, Co-Founder and Chair of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids Our National Parks are turning 100, and they're starting to look a little grey. Fifty-four is not just the age of President Obama, it's also the average age of a visitor to Yellowstone National Park. America's [...]

Young Girls Learn about Gender Justice and Environmental Stewardship

guest blog post by A. Tianna Scozzaro, Director, Sierra Club's Global Population & Environment Program “We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends” – Mary McLeod Bethune A powerful civil rights activist and educator, Mary [...]

Girl Scouts Celebrate Women’s History Month

guest blog by Brittney McKeown, Girl Scouts of the USA As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we reflect on the need to ensure all girls have an opportunity to get outside. For over a century, providing girls with access to the outdoors and offering authentic leadership experiences have been cornerstone elements of the Girl Scout mission. Girl Scouts [...]

Give me an O. A. K.

guest blog by Jackie Ostfeld, Sierra Club's Nearby Nature Director and OAK Chair, and Brenna Muller, Sierra Club's Trails and OAK Program Manager Give me an O. Give me an A. Give me a K. What’s that spell? “OAK” cheered 100s of fourth graders at Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC, on Tuesday during an [...]